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A professional and a more cost effective way to handle your telecommunications.

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Route Calls To Your Mobile

Don’t get tied down to your desk. Attend your business on the go.

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Broadband Packages

Broadband is key for a business. Without it your business will not be able to run. ADWConnect gives your business peace of mind and great speeds at competitive prices.

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Select a Package

 Choose one of our competitive packages that suits your needs.


ADWConnect is a VoIP solution, which simply put; means using the Internet to make telephone calls. Once you are set up on our system you can connect your phone to the Internet and then start making calls.

FREE Polycom Phone

The Polycom business IP desk phone is a high quality,  color, mid-range, IP phone designed for small to medium size businesses. It is ideal for knowledge workers, and call center operators who need to handle moderate/high volume of calls and whose work demand reliable connectivity. 

Moving country but want to keep your number?
We can now port UK Mobile numbers!


Available Features

Phone Number of your choice

Pick a local or a vanity number of your choice.

Setup a greeting message for your customers

Choose a custom message or a song to greet your customers.

Port your existing number

You can port your existing number to our service.

Over the Internet

Phones can be used anywhere that has a working internet connection.

Use a softphone application

You can download our softphone application so you can also talk through your pc/smartphone.

Blacklist and white list numbers

See who should call you and who should not so that you have more time for important things.

Manage Call Forwarding

Not at your desk? You can forward your calls to your mobile.

Manage multiple phone calls

You can manage multiple phone calls at the same time.

Manage business and non-business hours

Schedule your hours for when calls should come through to your phones.

Listen to your voicemails from your inbox

Your voicemail can be sent to your email address. Listen anytime.

Bundled Call Packages

Different call packages to choose from.

Get Call Recording

All calls from our service can be recorded.

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