IT Support

Get help when you need it!

Telephone Support

You and your staff have direct access to our friendly local technical experts via our telephone helpline or our online support service.

Remote Support Service

Within minutes or even seconds of your call our technicians can view and operate any of your computers or servers from our control centre, saving you time and money. It is totally secure and means that we can fix most of your computer problems instantly without you having to wait for a technician to visit.

On-Site Visits (Depending on contract level)

In the unlikely event we can’t fix your system remotely we will arrange for one of our locally based engineers to attend your site at your convenience.

Proactive Maintenance

Our system will run regular housekeeping tasks and activities on your computers to ensure they are always in tip-top condition. We’ll defragment the disk, check it for errors, remove temporary files and give your computer a general spring clean each and every month.

Security Maintenance

We make sure that your anti-virus software and Spyware protection is kept up to date, ensuring they will keep your computer secure and free from danger. One of the major causes of virus attacks is installed but poorly maintained anti-virus software.

Help and Advice

We’re not just here to keep your computer systems running smoothly. We know lots about computers and how to use them to the full, and we’re happy to share this knowledge with our clients. We will be delighted to offer you as much advice and guidance as you need on getting the most from technology.

Fully Managed Backup System (optional)

We can provide a range of high security; fast restore back-up solutions including a fully managed back-up service for total peace of mind.

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