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What is VoIP and why should you opt for it?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a digital or network-based phone system that can increase your business’s flexibility and productivity while saving you money. Because it’s connected to the internet, VoIP offers capabilities not available with traditional business phone systems.

Our team will work closely with your company to determine your current phone usage and needs, review available options and provide VoIP solutions to replace or supplement your existing business phone system.

What are the benefits?

  • UK & International phone numbers
  • Free UK Landline & Mobile calling
  • Voicemail to Email
  • IVR (Auto Attendant)
  • Call Recording
  • Phones can be used anywhere that there is a working internet connection
  • Excellent crisp call quality
  • CRM Integration

What do I need?

You will need a phone, a working Internet connection and that’s pretty much it. We set everything up for you; so that you get a phone system that will start working with minimal fuss.


Some of the popular phones we provide.

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Choose a plan that
fits your business needs

Features You Will Enjoy 

Phone Number
of your choice

Pick a local or a vanity number of your choice.

Call Forwarding

Not at your desk? You can forward your calls to your mobile.

Setup a
greeting message

Choose a custom message or a song to greet your customers.

Manage multiple
phone calls

You can manage multiple phone calls at the same time.

Port your
existing number

You can port your existing number to our service.

Manage business and
non-business hours

Schedule your hours for when calls should come and when not.

Over the

Phones can be used anywhere that has a working internet connection.

Listen to
your voicemails

Your voicemail can be sent to your email address. Listen anytime.

Use a softphone

You can download our softphone application so you can also talk through your pc/smartphone.

Call Packages

Different call packages to choose from.

Blacklist and
white list numbers

See who should call you and who should not so that you have more time for important things.

Call Recording

All calls from our service can be recorded.


Without a doubt, we wish we had switched to ADWConnect sooner!

We had honestly underestimated the difference in telephony providers and what a dramatic change it can make to your business.

We had wrongly assumed that the ‘safe’ choices were limited to the large corporations which dominate the market. From the outset, the sympathetic audit of our requirements (as opposed to repellent hard sales tactics) followed by exceptional customer support and truly impressive proactive aftercare, ADWConnect already surpassed my expectations.

Now that we are live, I can’t believe we did not switch sooner.

Everything we do is more efficient as a result. Our internal operations have all benefited and these upgrades have inspired others changes that having the right telephony support can now afford.

As we expand, ADWConnect can cater to our growing needs and their other services mean we can rely on them for a holistic resolution.

In addition to new hardware (desk phones etc) hosted VoIP telephony system and office mobiles, we also have our IT support with ADWConnect (including regular IT audit/health checks)

We came to ADWConnect for their affordable solutions, and we will stay with them for their reliability and integrity.

Ali Bukhari

Principal Solicitor, Bukhari Chambers

ADWConnect helped us elevate our business from a Landline system into a cloud-based VoIP solution that has enabled us to operate more efficiently, whilst providing a much stronger internet service. Benjamin from the IT Support team has always made himself available to us at times of need.

James Ryan

Principal, Ellis & Co

Benjamin from ADWConnect has provided us with a high quality service for all 9 restaurants over the last 3 years. As well as running our IT, ADWConnect also handles all our telecommunications and broadband services and he has always made himself and his team available at the times we needed them.

Uri Dinay

Managing Director, Pilpel

The competitive rate structure, service quality and overall expertise were the primary factors influencing our decision to change providers. ADWConnect have enabled us to work more efficiently on our day-to-day work within our company.

Isaac Raymond

CEO, Danielle Albert

ADWConnect helped stabilise our telecommunications by not only saving us money on our existing deal, but improving the overall standard of our customer support. I would certainly recommend!

Adam Walters

Operations Manager, Bnei Akiva UK

ADWConnect has always been quick and efficient with sorting any IT issues we have had, they have also created new systems to ensure future issues do not occur. They also provide us with the latest telecommunications technology. We have greatly benefited by having ADWConnect as part of the team. Their polite and patient manner has created a great business relationship with us and we look forward to continue working together in the future.

David Jonathan

Director, International Travel

ADWConnect deal with our telecommunications and IT. Their quick response time and knowledge of the latest technology facilitates the efficiency of our business.

Debbie Edreyi

Managing Director, M & Sons

ADWConnect have not only bettered our customer support and overall service; but have significantly improved the efficiency of our office by linking our phones with our CRM client database; enabling click-to-dial as well as knowing who exactly is calling before picking up the phone.

Daniel Hye

Senior Account Manager, MyCashLine.co.uk

We have been using ADWConnect as our phones and IT support provider for a number of years now and have always found them to be responsive and very helpful in times of need. With the ever increasing threat of IT attack it is essential to have a company that can respond quickly and resolve problems without too much disruption, and ADWConnect fit the bill.

Neil Revens

Managing Director, Whitestone Estates

ADWConnect have been our telecommunications provider since 2014. Over the course of two full contract spells they have been consistent in making sure our ship stays afloat in regards to anything technical! They are proactive in their service and never hard to reach. We would highly recommend!

Michelle Corin

Managing Director, Sistaglam

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